DAG based cryptocurrency platform ready for real world adoption

How Obyte came to exist


Obyte founder and lead developer Anton Churyumov (Tony for short) became interested in the technical side of cryptocurrencies during 2014. Having been trained as a scientist, he felt he could apply his science methodologies to design a better cryptocurrency. 


His first focus was on redesigning blockchain technology to reduce it to the smallest number of basic entities (blockchains have two entities, blocks and transactions). Tony’s aim was to get rid of the blocks, leaving only the transactions and simplifying the design. 


This led him to build the Obyte platform using directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology, eliminating the need for blocks. Obyte was launched on Christmas Day (December 25) 2016.

Background of founder


Tony has extensive experience in various technologies ventures. He was co-founder and CEO of Teddy ID (online identity verification) as well as co-founder and CIO of Platron (an online payments solution) and SMS Traffic, a technology business serving banks and retailers.


Tony attended the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) from 1991-1997 and is a PhD in physics and math.

Recent news

January 17 2019 Rebrand  - The next step to real-world adoption (We rebrand to Obyte)


December 8 2018 Weekly Draw For The Byteball Community (Distributing funds again to existing Byte holders has been a popular request in the community for a while, and we are pleased to bring it back. This time with an improved format!)


November 19 2018. First Decentralized Witness (Our first decentralized witness is added to the default list that gets pushed to wallets when they connect to the main hub)


October 22 2018. First Decentralized Witness Candidate (We finally arrive at the point where the network is gradually going to be decentralized with public witnesses)

October 15 2018. Introducing Smart Vouchers (A new way to earn referral rewards by sending Bytes to new users)

August 20 2018. Crypto Does Not Have To Be Cryptic (Send money to a @username. No more struggles with cryptic addresses)

July 12 2018. Introducing A Bridge Between Byteball And Steem (Enables over 1 million Steem users to link their Steem username to their Byteball address)

July 10 2018. The Future of Byteball (Proposal of a Byteball Foundation)

July 2 2018. The Byteball Wallet Is Now Available For Download From The Apple App Store (Apple lists the Byteball wallet in the App Store)

June 29 2018. Synergy Between eSports And Crypto To Facilitate Crypto Adoption (we partnered with a Spanish eSports community to help distribute funds)

June 22 2018. Private Textcoins (the private coin of the Byteball platform (Blackbytes) can now be sent to anyone, even if the sender does not know the wallet address of the recipient)

June 15 2018. Distribution To Verified Users And Referrals, Episode II (we redesigned the reward structure for the popular Real Name Attestation Bot)

May 11 2018. Our Team Is Getting Stronger (new personnel hires for Byteball)

April 26 2018. Computing For Good (a new method for distributing bytes using computer processing power that also contributes to the real world)

April 20 2018. Attestation Of Accredited Investors (enable accredited investors to easily legally invest in ICO’s, even if ICO investing is banned for normal citizens)

April 12 2018. Buying Bytes With Visa Or Mastercard (the first Byteball fiat onramp, allowing people to buy Bytes using Visa or Mastercard)

March 23 2018. Byteball Exchange Bot (allows ICOs to get instant liquidity of their tokens before they list on traditional exchanges)

March 20 2018. Sending Cryptocurrency To Email, Episode II (send money directly to email addresses instead of unfriendly crypto addresses)

January 18 2018. Bringing Identity To Crypto (allow users to prove their real world identity using their Byteball wallet)

December 8 2017. Sending Cryptocurrency To Email (send cryptocurrency via email even if the recipient does not yet own a wallet)



Headshots and logos

Headshots of founder Tony


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Media inquiries contact

Paul Murray, Head of Digital Content
Email: paul (at) byteball.org

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